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RLTs & Stacked

This Dashboard shows the data of the RLT's and Stacked we are working on for Ottawa.

The RLT's have 1 elevation style and a few PPO's. The Stacked consists of 2 lot specific blocks and multiple PPO's per unit.

Click through the different pages to see the possibilities.

Data Analysis for Varga (Milton, Ontario)

To use the Room Area Analysis, you can filter via “House Style”, “House Type” and “Product” you can also click on a specific room name form the list and filter standard room “STD” or room used in design options “PPO”

Page 1: Avg, room sizes by an individual house

Page 2: Avg, room sizes by product type 30’s vs 36’s vs 43’s

Page 3: Avg, room size by common room


The Matrix of results with update base on your selection.

Refresh the page to reset the settings.

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