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who ARE we?

The BIMstudio team is a fast growing multi skilled group of BIM professionals. 

They have backgrounds from Architecture, to Civil to Engineering. But their passion for BIM, eye for detail, drive to innovate and challenge the construction status quo is what we have in common.

Meet the owners of BIMstudio

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JAD Joulji

As an early BIM adopter Jad has been working on the professional and educational fronts to accelerate the adaption of BIM in the industry. His architectural education, business experience and involvement in construction allows him to bridge the BIM gap between industry stakeholders. Jad also teaches and builds BIM curriculums in George Brown, Humber and Ryerson incorporating real life examples into the classrooms. Jad sees BIM as a collaborative and transparent process that yields a superior built environment.

Joris Raaijmaakes
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JORIS Raaijmaakers

Joris has always been active in the field of information management. He has worked for multiple builders for more than a decade to implement BIM as Building Information Management for engineering, site coordination, scheduling and calculation departments. Joris is an early adopter of BIM and an out-of-the-box thinker with a passion for business process analysis and optimization. As a part-time professor at George Brown College, Joris is involved in developing the curriculum and educating the new generation of Construction and BIM managers.

what is BIM?

The acronym stands for Building Information Modeling. At BIMstudio we look at it as Building Information Management, since a full BIM process consists of managing the project information to its full extend.

BIM is a process of collaboration based on 3D models. The virtual three-dimensional representation of the building or project is used as the source for extracting multiple sorts of information like, drawings, renders, quantities, cost information, constructability information and simulations.

By using the Virtual model as a single source of truth, the information that is being extracted and shared between all project participants will be consistent and up to date. Most often a project collaboration platform is being used to share this information between all stakeholders.

The technical aspect of BIM is mainly about 3D models, the objects that are being used, the templates and tools how to work with the 3D models.

An aspect that is often left behind, is the collaboration aspect of BIM. How to work with 3D models during a full project and what is needed when to improve and speed up the process of design and construction with this tool.

Overall it is believed that BIM is indispensable for the construction industry. It is not a matter IF but WHEN and HOW you make the transition.

BIM is certainly not only for Architects or Designers. There are tools and uses for all participants of a project, that can benefit and improve projects and day to day jobs.

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What is BIM
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