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we fill the gap 
between Design & Construction

what made our clients choose for BIM
There are a lot of RFI's and Change orders coming from site, during construction
We will step in where the scope, lack of alignment or no coordination of Designers is missing.
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Not all my designers are working in 3D, how does that work?
We will follow along and create BIM models for the missing disciplines.
Our estimation process is pretty traditional, can we use 3D quantities as well?
Our 3D models are tailored to work for quantity takeoff. Our BIMhub solution is a valuable solution for this.
HighRise Services

high rise SERVICES

Modeling services

We will convert 2D into 3D and add any intelligence needed.

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We will find and coordinate issues during design and/or before going to Construction.

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Quantities and estimation

We can extract quantities during all phases of the project and compare stages.

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Combine your schedule and the BIM model to simulate your construction sequence.

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